By a Lineman for a Lineman

Certified Non-Conductive Tools

Safe, Versatile & Comfortable – Ratcheting Wheel Insulated Hex Wrench

Our patent pending Ratcheting Wheel provides a large surface area for lineman to hold and ratchet to prevent lugs from free spinning in the initial stages of tightening.


The Ratcheting Wheel linemans insulated hex and socket wrenches are available in multiple configurations for your needs.

  • Standard, Hex, SAE, or Pentagon Socket
  • 3/16, 5/16, 3/8 Hex
  • 5/16” Extra Length Hex Wrenches are Available
  • SAE 9/16’ and 5/8’ Sockets
  • Non-Conductive Hex Caps
  • Ratcheting or Fixed Penta Socket
  • Single or Dual Ratchets

Ratcheting Wheel Tools offers over 50 different configurations to ensure you have the right tool in your hand.

Please contact us for pricing & availability.


Made of certified non-conductive dielectric polymer that exceeds 1,000 Volts./.100” per ASTM 1505-16.

1.250” Tool separation for hot work with see through hole in handle for visual confirmation of separation.

Non-slip ergonomic handle, longer forward/reverse lever and our patented Ratcheting Wheel means safer one-handed operation.

Non-conductive dielectric polymer Hex Caps available on most hex parts.


Lineman who have tried the Ratcheting Tool insulated hex wrench agree that it makes their job quicker, easier, and safer. From the moment George started using the first prototype in the field, lineman have been asking for this wrench.